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My first career path into the inner world of thoughts and feelings as a psychotherapist informs my work, particularly my exploration of time. My process involves a lifelong need to understand how we as humans fashion our lives, make choices, resolve conflicts of self expression, experience the divine, all within the ever-present awareness that time is passing.

I am intrigued by the graphic nature of clocks, particularly their consistent identifying black and white numbering, and the issues of life, death and change that timepieces represent. My ongoing series on time, a body of work in transparent watercolor on paper, was inspired by an enamel clock, cracked and chipped, hanging resolute on the wall in an antique store. I was feeling like an antique since suddenly my first child was leaving for college in the upcoming year. Astounded by the imminent and inescapable reality of this upcoming separation, I poured my grief and eventual excitement for the bird soon to fly into each watercolor piece, using vibrant color and captured light. I now include birds or other animals as metaphors for people.

I have come to appreciate the effects of time - the worn, lined, aging characteristics of objects, animals and people- and I feel that these are often the most beautiful, most compelling aspects of my work.

As time passes I am more aware of things still undone. I am exploring symbolic works focusing on conflicts and consequences of self expression. I invite the viewer to connect with the shared humanity of this struggle and savor the gift of time in which to do it.